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Don't Stop Believing

Don’t Stop Believing

No I’m not referring to that hit song by Journey in the early 80’s. I’m referring to your faith in God Almighty.

Even when it doesn’t make since.

Even when it looks impossible.

Even when it doesn’t add up.

The Bible is filled with examples of time after time where God has come through when His people needed it the most.

Take for example Abraham, he was ready to sacrifice the son of promise, Isaac, when all of the sudden an angel stopped him, and revealed a ram in the bush that God had provided.

How about the widow women who was ready to make her last meal for her and her son, when she met the prophet of God? Even though it didn’t make sense to her, she made a small cake for the prophet first, out of what she had, and in doing so, her supply didn’t run out.

Trust me on this one, if God has done it for one, He will do it for anyone who has the faith to trust and believe Him.

What appears to be impossible for man, ALL things are possible with God. He watches over His word to preform it.

Do You Believe He Will Do it for YOU Too?

It is the Father’s great pleasure to give you the Kingdom. You are worthy!

You need to let that last sentence sink in. You are worthy!

Receive the Father’s love for you today. He is trustworthy. If you can trust Him to save your soul, you can trust Him to provide for you along the way. Whatever it is you need, God desires to be your source.

Seek Him for He is the prize.

Be blessed!

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