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No Church Will Ever Be Right When I’m Not

Have you ever been hurt by the church? If you have then you understand that there is no hurt like church hurt. The church is supposed to be a safe place. The one place where we can be honest about our shortcomings and sins. A judgment free zone, where we can find healing and grace.

But the church is made up of and lead by a group of imperfect people. This is where the problem comes in. We put those in leadership upon a pedestal, as if they are just like Jesus, perfect and holy.

We are trying to grow in our walk with the Lord, and allow the Holy Spirt to sanctify us from the inside out. But what happens when we bring all of our past and current hurts (you know those painful experiences that you’ve never fully dealt with), to the church with us?

When we experience something painful in our life, we do our best to move past it as quickly as possible. In doing so it’s like slapping a band-aid on an open wound and hoping that somehow it will heal on it’s own.

Assuming that you’re in a church that is spiritually healthy and has godly leadership, but if you’re not in a healthy place…let me tell you it won’t matter. You’ll be able to find fault with any and everything.

Today I was supposed to have a meeting with one of the pastors at our church. Early this morning I received an email saying that he had to cancel due to something coming up. For whatever reason this triggered me, and on our way to church I found myself in a real critical, judgmental mood.

Trying to talk through it with my family, I realized that in almost every church that we have ever been apart of we have been church hurt. By the leadership, by our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Then I realized that I’ve never addressed these hurts. Instead, I’ve found myself trying to put up with all the things I don’t like about the church that we’re attending, until it all mounts up and we finally leave.

But is the church really the problem, or is it me? Is it the fact that I’m hurting? That I’ve never allowed God to heal my heart. That’s when God showed me that no church will ever be right until I am.

What’s your excuse? I’m not judging you, after all I just pulled the curtain back of my life and told you the God’s honest truth. It breaks my heart to feel this pain, but I love the Lord, and I love His church. I’m praying that today is the start of a brand new season in my life. It can be for you too.

God didn’t create us to go through life alone. You don’t have to do this by yourself. Be honest with someone you trust, talk to a Christian counselor, but whatever you do, don’t hold it in any longer.

While there is no perfect church, together we can learn to love again, to trust again, to believe again. Together we can find health and healing for our soul.

Be Blessed,

Chris Chandler

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